Local Officers

(And What They Do)


Seneschal BadgeSeneschal: Lord ∆theluric Lundonie

In the SCA, the Seneschal is the Local Chapter President, and is responsible for running the meetings, keeping us organized and in general getting the business of the Shire done.

Exchequer BadgeExchequer: Lord Kean Gryffyth

The Exchequer is the local chapter treasurer. They keep the account books and manage the bank account(s).

A&S Minister BadgeMinister of Arts and Sciences: Lady Misha Gryffyth

The Minister of Arts & Sciences is responsible for 'encouraging' A&S in our area. They act as a resource to help get learners and teachers together, and to help people who want to try to learn new crafts.

Herald BadgeHerald:  Lady Misha Gryffyth

The Office of the Herald is responsible for helping people in the Society register a name and a coat of arms. No one is required to use their services, however the Herald can be of great aid in the selection of a name which is both appropriate and documentable.

Chaelaine BadgeChatelaine: Lord ∆theluric Lundonie

The office of the Chatelaine is the first point of contact for those who are new to the Society. The Chatelaine's office exists to help new people learn more about what we do and how to get involved. They are also, in this shire, responsible for the Gold-Key, which is loaner clothing and equipment that new people can borrow to attend an event. In addition, they are responsible for organizing school and other educational demos.

Web Minister BadgeWeb Minister: Lord Kean Gryffyth

The Web Minister is responsible for this web page. Please feel free to contact him if you have questions or comments about this web page.