Monthly Meetings

Business meetings are held at the home of the shire seneschal on the 3rd Thursday of every month (Except August) at 7pm. All are welcome, come in garb if you like. Please email one of the officers on the officers page for more information, directions or to confirm that month's meeting.

Arts and Science meetings are held as needed and are usually, but not always at Kean and Misha's home. Contact them for directions and more information.

A&S Schedule

2015 Details to come!

Upcoming Subjects, not scheduled to a particular month yet

Nickel Silver jewelry work (for those who can't afford silver, i.e most of us these days, or who can't wear silver


Lampwork (glass beads)

Painted floor coverings

Woodwork. (Boxes, Chest, Beds, you name it!)


Heavy Combat

We have a heavy combat marshal again! She's busy looking for indoor space for practices, watch this space and the shire mailing list for more details!


Why are there no meetings in August?

August is when one of the Society's largest events, The Pennsic War is held. Most of the shire members are so busy with last minute preparations for going to the event or recovering from having been to it that we don't bother to schedule meetings in August!